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Snapshots for AI is a devops tool written in Python designed to quickly generate a machine-readable overview of your project so you can more efficiently pass code-related updates over to your AI.

By quickly running python in your IDE terminal you will generate a machine-readable markdown file that can be passed to ChatGPT or another language model.

Features of

  • Auto detect sensitive keys in JSON and obfuscate them to better protect your data from AI.
  • Customizable pattern-based ignore system that helps prevent the inclusion of unwanted information in your markdown reports.
  • Customizable prependable message on every snapshot that attempts to explain the nature of the markdown document to the AI.

Example of for AI Output

Here’s an example of the markdown output you can expect from Snapshots for AI. Let’s say you’re working on a simple entry-level coding application, and you run the Snapshots for AI tool.

Here’s what a project markdown snapshot looks like for a small project:

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