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Using Python to animate the hue of an image

Have you ever wanted to animate the hue of an image? We did recently but we didn’t quite know how so we developed an application using python to help us do just that. Before we get started, though, let’s take a moment to learn what exactly is hue? Hue, in the context of color theory,

How to right click and copy all table data in Chrome – Browser Extension

Have you ever had the need to right click on a table and copy all the contents quickly when using a browser? One of our clients had a job where they would generate table reports and they would routinely copy data from those tables and into spreadsheets for analysis. When using the browser to generate

How to generate a markdown overview of your application for ChatGPT

This image shows how a snapshot is generated from the python script and shared with ChatGPT to assist with coding.

Snapshots for AI is a devops tool written in Python designed to quickly generate a machine-readable overview of your project so you can more efficiently pass code-related updates over to your favorite LLM. This asset was developed for a client who wanted to be able to make changes to their code base across multiple files inside their IDE and then

Exploring the Best Self-Hosted & Desktop Note-Taking Apps in 2024

Self-Hosted Applications These alternatives require setting up on a web host or Docker, ideal for users who prefer to manage their own data and hosting. Trillium Hierarchical Knowledge Base https://github.com/zadam/trilium Installation & Cost: Trillium is designed for personal knowledge management and note-taking. It’s free and open-source, available on GitHub. The installation process involves setting it