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Using Python to animate the hue of an image

Have you ever wanted to animate the hue of an image? We did recently but we didn’t quite know how so we developed an application using python to help us do just that. Before we get started, though, let’s take a moment to learn what exactly is hue? Hue, in the context of color theory,

Tutorial: Enhancing shadcn/ui’s Slider Component to Support Range Selection

Introduction Shadcn/ui, which is a UI Library that provides a set of pre-styled, accessible React UI components built on top of Radix UI. However, the slider component does not appear to support the range features provided by the Radix slider. There’s an issue open that points out that the Radix Slider should be able to

How to get a Telegram channel ID

Getting the Telegram channel ID can be a little tricky, as it’s not directly provided in the Telegram user interface. However, there are several ways you can obtain it: Method 1: Via Bot Method 2: Via a Forwarded Message Method 3: Bot Code If you have a bot that’s already part of the channel and

How to get a Telegram Bot Token

Creating a Telegram bot and getting a bot token involves a few steps: Step 1: Talk to BotFather Step 2: Create a New Bot Step 3: Store the Token Note The token will look something like this: Replace <YOUR_BOT_TOKEN> in the code with this token. After these steps, you can use this token to perform